New public learning spaces in Hamburg

We are very happy to announce, that we have signed a cooperation agreement with Bücherhallen Hamburg. Both the work within Hamburg Open Online University and open[learning]spaces has led us to explore these new learning spaces in Hamburg. The common goal is to promote open education for all those who are interested in Mathematics, Computer Science, Science, Technology (STEM) in the public libraries and public learning spaces. The Hamburg Open Online University serves the goal of an open education and addresses itself to students and lecturers and consciously also to the interested public, which are interested in a common exchange with academic contents. “We are delighted to have gained a strong partner with the Bücherhallen. In this way, HOOU’s concept idea can be further anchored and new interested parties can be addressed”, says Professor Sönke Knutzen, Vice President of the TUHH. Michael Studt, CEO of Bücherhallen Hamburg, adds: “The central library at Hühnerposten is an ideal location for HOOU learning opportunities and workshops.” The Bücherhallen Hamburg is with 4.8 million visitors annually the most public cultural institution in Hamburg. At the same time they are one of the largest municipal library systems in Germany. They offer people of all backgrounds and all interest groups and age groups learning spaces in the city where knowledge can be acquired and learned together. The Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU) is a digital cooperation project of all state-owned Hamburg universities and the UKE. On a common platform, innovative digital learning formats are developed that are available to students and an interested public alike.

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