open[learning]spaces on the road

We have been super excited to present our collaborative research project at the barcamp “learning spaces” in Freiburg on the 17th March 2018. I have been lucky to meet so many great and interested people, who are now hopefully finding their way to the website and the forum. The day had been on so many interesting aspects - on data literacy, open data and schools. The role of newspapers as learning spaces for teenagers or why starbucks is a great physical learning space and what characteristics it does offer, that makes it great. I will take all these impressions with me and have new ToDos formulated:

  1. Find characteristics of physical learning spaces
  2. Meet more people and contact them to present their favorite learning spaces in our forum
  3. Try to find more interesting cases, such as the rocket girls in Freiburg.
  4. Start to define the basic characteristics for innovative virtual learning spaces
  5. Think about the relationships to virtual working spaces

You see - so many things to do - but so inspiring!