• New public learning spaces in Hamburg

    We are very happy to announce, that we have signed a cooperation agreement with Bücherhallen Hamburg. Both the work within Hamburg Open Online University and open[learning]spaces has led us to explore these new learning spaces in Hamburg. The common goal is to promote open education for all those who are interested in Mathematics, Computer Science, Science, Technology (STEM) in the...

  • open[learning]spaces on the road

    We have been super excited to present our collaborative research project at the barcamp “learning spaces” in Freiburg on the 17th March 2018. I have been lucky to meet so many great and interested people, who are now hopefully finding their way to the website and the forum. The day had been on so many interesting aspects - on data...

  • Spread the words and the pics

    open[learning]spaces is online! After couple weeks and months of designing the research process and defining the supoortive technical infratsructure for this collaborative research project, we have now launched the new webiste.